Spil Kids Meet the Mama: Jessica Vicars, Business Owner

Becoming a new business owner in the Atlanta area has given us the wonderful opportunity to network with some inspiring like-minded entrepreneurs. Jessica Vicars, who we've befriended recently is the owner of growing business Confetti Jar, the ultimate resource for parents to find and book everything for kids birthday parties around Atlanta. From the best party venues to fun and unique entertainment, decorations, rentals, bakeries, and even custom party supplies from local businesses - Confetti Jar has it all! 
Jessica has built a platform that makes party planning easier and so much fun with everything parents need - all in one place. We are inspired by her tenacity and enthusiasm for what she does, all while being a mama to three under age six! We hope you enjoy learning more about Jessica and her genius business concept.
Q: Can you share a bit about what your family looks like as well as your work as an entrepreneur? How and when did your journey as a mother and business owner start?

I have three boys under age six! It is busy and hectic all the time and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Prior to launching Confetti Jar, I spent 15 years in roles across marketing and product management for healthcare IT companies. After my third little guy was born, I knew I was ready for something completely different. I wanted to spend more time with my kids and focus my career on a space that would allow me to fully embrace and enjoy this stage of life - while also connecting and supporting other moms and small businesses across our community.

As I build Confetti Jar, mom life and entrepreneurship are a constant balancing act. I have two kids in preschool and one in Kindergarten. I still do preschool drop-offs and pick-ups and spend a lot of time with my kids. We also get to go tour and play at kids party venues together which has been an exciting party of building my business with my kids alongside me.

Q: Do you have any favorite childhood toys, games, activities or even spaces that stand out to you?

I grew up swimming! The sport had a huge impact on me - building my competitive spirit and work ethic in a way that has shaped me into the business owner I am today. My brother swam in the Olympics and traveling around the world to be a part of these incredible experiences is something I will always remember.

Q: What is hardest for you to juggle or balance right now? Have you found any
hacks that are helping?

The hardest party of the juggle for me is intentionally segmenting my time. I often find my work time blends with time I should be spending with my kids. I find myself doing work on social media or answering emails in between all the kid fun and activities. I am working on being more intentional about work time and family time. For me, that means I often leave my phone in another room and leave it at home when we go out for activities as a family.

Q: Do you have any advice for an aspiring business owner who is stuck and doesn’t know where to start?

Connect with another business owner in a space that seems interesting to you! Just take them out for coffee and see where the conversation goes! That is how I was inspired. I invited a friend who owns a cake decorating supply business (completely different from healthcare IT!) out for coffee to learn how she got into the business (she was not a baker!). We started chatting and brainstorming and a few weeks later the idea for Confetti Jar came to life!

Q: I feel that being a mother often pushes you to embrace something that may not have initially come easily. For us it’s embracing the play and the mess. What might it be for you?

Oh absolutely understand the mess! For me, it has definitely pushed me to embrace patience. I have always been driven and have moved fast. But with my kids, I have learned to be more patient.

Q: There is inspiration in so many places especially as a creative type! Who and / or what inspires you?

My kids truly inspire me! They are curious and full of joy (most of the time HA) and find so much excitement in the little things in life. I use that excitement to inspire me in my business and push me to find new and interesting ideas for parties or fun content for our social media pages.

Q: One thing that has helped my state of mind is focusing on gratitude daily. What are you grateful for?

A: I am so very grateful for the opportunity to build a business I can be excited about and have the flexibility to work while still getting to spend time with my family.

Q: What are your favorite activities or places to enjoy with your little(s) or big(s) nowadays? (Or if your littles are big, do you look back fondly on any particular activities with them from when they were little?)

I honestly just love taking them to the park. I have loved this since they were a few months old and first able to ride in a swing. When we are at a park, everything seems peaceful, and I truly enjoy those little moments with them. I often leave my phone at home or the car and we just play and enjoy the time together. They seem so happy and it brings me so much joy to see them running and playing. I know those little moments at the park won’t last forever so I have tried to embrace them!

Q: When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a singer…on stage like Taylor Swift! But to be honest, I truly cannot sing at all! Haha.
Learn more about Jessica Vicars by visiting her websites at https://www.confettijar.com/ and her Instagram account at https://www.instagram.com/confettijar.atl/.
*Photo credits to Allison Pedigo
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