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Original Sustainable Children's Sunglasses in Fern

Original Sustainable Children's Sunglasses in Fern

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Tpee is an eco-friendly thermoplastic in more ways than one. It is BPA free meaning no toxic chemicals coming into contact with our children, our ourselves, or the environment. It consumes less energy than other materials do in the production phase, which leaves a better footprint on our environment. It also is recyclable. It contains no nasty chemicals and is water resistant and much more durable than regular plastics, much like silicone, making it more sustainable as well. Recommended for ages 18 months to 10 years. 

Materials: Tac Polarized Lenses, Tpee Eco Friendly Frame

Size:  Approximately 12.5cm (Face / Frame) x 14cm (Leg / Side)

Weight: 1.8 oz (49.9 g)

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