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Rice Bran Wax Art Crayons 6 Colors

Rice Bran Wax Art Crayons 6 Colors

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Kitpas rice bran wax art crayons are paper-wrapped for comfort and durability! The main ingredient has been changed to rice wax and renewed! Kitpas art products are thoughtful, safe, and playful for children and adults of all ages! Whether they are used for kids’ play time, store display, or for your creative projects, Kitpas offers limitless possibilities. Kitpas crayons write smoothly in vivid, solid colors on almost any surface, and are completely erasable on non-porous surfaces such as windows, mirrors, and glass. With just a few strokes of a wet brush, you can create beautiful watercolor paintings. Since non-toxic, food-safe rice bran wax is used, it’s safe for artists of all ages. Every piece of Kitpas is carefully manufactured by our hands in our own factories in japan.

Material: Rice bran wax

Product Size: l 2 ½" x φ ⅜" (l 63 x φ 11mm)

Package Size: l 6 ⅝" x w 4 ⅝" x d ¾" (l 170 x w 120 x d 20mm)

Package Weight: 2.7oz (75g)

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